lunes, julio 29, 2013

How upgrade Android Micro SD from 16Gb to 32Gb preserving my SD contents

I want to change the my micro sd card on my phone from a 16 Gb to a 32 Gb new micro sd card.

The process I used to do this was creating a new partition table on the new card and adding a partition of type c (FAT32 LBA) using the fdisk command in linux, saving the partition table.

After create a filesystem using mkfs.vfat and labeling "PHONE CARD" on the partition.

Of course you can do exactly the same using windows tools, the idea es create the partition on the new card and formatting it using a FAT32 filesystem.

Once you have the new partitión all what you have to do is turn off your phone, remove the old sd card, plug-in it on your computer, mount it, and copy all the files, including the hidden files to the new sd card, you can use your favorite file explorer software or commands like rsync to do this.

In my case it took 8 hours to do the copy.

Finally, insert the new sd card in your phone, all the apps should be working, test several apps (the ones that you know were running from the card) and test you have all your contents.

And that's it, enjoy your new space.

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