sábado, mayo 23, 2015

XML explicado de forma sencilla

xml es un foramto donde describes las cosas mediante texto plano

usando etiquetas


que se abren y cierran


y dentro pones contenido


contenido que pueden ser más etiquetas

<nombre> <paterno>Baqueiro</paterno> <materno>Bernal</materno> <nombre1>Alfonso</nombre1> <nombre2/> </nombre>

puenden estar vacias y abrir y cerrar en corto como en


a veces las etiquetas necesitan metadatos para describir las particularidades y esto se hace con atributos

<etiqueta atributo="valor"></etiqueta>

y puede llevar todos los que se necesiten y en cualquier orden

<etiqueta atributo="valor" atributo2="valor2" atributo1="valor1"></etiqueta> y eso es lo esencial ...

jueves, mayo 07, 2015

La gente siempre esta chingando ...

An interviewer said to a famous writer "How do you deal with the negative opinions recently held by some people about you?"

                                   The writer smiled and said "When I was in high school and spent most of my time reading and writing,people said that I should quit such 'ridiculous' hobbies and focus only on my studies.

When I studied literature in college, people said that I was 'stupid' to pick such a stream and would never earn a living. I didn't have enough money when I started out writing which required me to borrow money from my family or friends, so people called me 'cheap'.

I spent hours reading and writing at home, so I was called 'lazy' while my friends went out to party or watch a new movie.

                                     When I started doing somewhat better and no longer needed to borrow, people called me 'egoistic'.

When some of my articles got published in newspapers and magazines, people called me 'lucky'. Then my first book was published, I was paid enough to live a decent life,so people said that it was 'unfair since all I had was an in-born talent'.

When I finally started earning more than enough and giving donations,people called me a 'show-off'.

What I've learned from all of this is that there are two ways to live : you can either live like the way others want you to or you can live like the way you want to, work hard to achieve your dreams and care for only those who care for you."