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Set up Kyocera Mita 1820 in Ubuntu 10.04, for job accounting or with password for printing

Set up Kyocera Mita 1820 in Ubuntu 10.04, for job accounting or with password for printing

I was able to setup job accounting for a Kyocera mita 1820, so I can print in the job printer, this is how I did it:

0) Default Ubuntu Add Printer procedure (I am using ubuntu 10.04 but this can apply to other versions or distributions)

1) In CUPS, change job accounting to an arbitrary code, say "00000000" then accept changes
( this can be done either in System > Administration > Printers, select your printer, right mouse click, options, in the dialog:
Printer Options, scroll to Job Acounting (below of Job Settings), and choose the 00000000

2) As root, edit the ppd file for the printer: it is located in /etc/cups/ppd/ and titled "printer.ppd" with "printer" being the cups name for the printer.

sudo gvim /etc/cups/ppd/Kyocera-Mita-KM-1820.ppd

2. Search this section:
*% Management Code Definitions
*OpenUI *KmManagment/Job Accounting: PickOne
*OrderDependency: 60 AnySetup *KmManagment
*DefaultKmManagment: MG00000000
*KmManagment Default/Off: ""
*KmManagment MG00000000/00000000: "(00000000) statusdict /setmanagementnumber get exec"
*KmManagment MG00000001/00000001: "(00000001) statusdict /setmanagementnumber get exec"

3. change this line:
*KmManagment MG00000000/00000000: "(00000000) statusdict /setmanagementnumber get exec"
using your code (ex. 7947) TO:
*KmManagment MG00000000/7947: "(7947) statusdict /setmanagementnumber get exec"

Save, and restart cups:

sudo service cups restart

This worked for me.

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Francisco Campos P. dijo...

Muchas gracias. lo utilicé con una KM2810 y funcionó ok.
Dato: la instrucción KmManagment MG00000000/00000000: "(00000000) statusdict
aparece 2 veces, una con 4 ceros y la otra con 8, yo cambié las 2 y todo bien
Thank you

Anand. dijo...

Many thanks, muchas gracias!

copiancestral dijo...

It still works on Ubuntu 14.04. Thanks!

Karthik Karunamoorthi dijo...

Thank you for the detail instruction. It works well. I have problem while printing the duplicate copy of the same file. It is being overwritten at the printer storage. Hence unable to print the same document twice or from the same application. We don't have any option to select the job name as in windows driver. My printer is Keyocera TaskAlfa 3010i

Any help will be greatly appreciated.