sábado, mayo 07, 2011

Kindle feedback: About ebook lending

the question on lending is complex

but for personal lending there is a better solution, instead of limiting the number of lendings, a better aproach is reproducing the same that happen with real books, that means the transferability of the book, in this case, if we buy an ebook we have access rights to it for lifetime, and the solution, is we can transfer our book to other, losing access to the book, so like in the real book, there is only one copy, so our friend retransfer the book to us or we have to buy another instance, that is a fair way of doing the lending thing

this can also be a better solution for librarys, who can buy a several copies of the books, and only one user has access to the book, there is still a lot of work to do in terms of the formats and interoperability of all this stuff

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